Travel beads and pearls
Collected in small batches over time, all over the world and locally - dreamed about and then slowly crafted by hand
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Fresh water pearls


Green-gold "finger" and small white pearls in a center cluster, on an airy silver chain necklace. Unusual, inviting and feminine.

Classic silver blue


Blue 10mm pearls strung in silk, framed by a silver clasp and moonstone beads - the very basic in a stunning combination.


Modern scroll


Something fun, simple, elegant and inviting. Silver is accessible, and femininity is in vogue

Color bold


T-Shirt wear, everyday-soccer-mom kind of accessory. Inspiration gathered in Singapore.

Stories told


Where did you get it? Earthy but elegant, what kind of stone? My mom had a similar one...


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Your design, or my design
It does not matter, as long as it is beautiful!

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